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To download the gchrom source code, go to the Sourceforge project page.

The gchrom project started as Tom Lee's attempt to make a Chromachron clock for the GNOME panel. Back when he was using FVWM2 he enjoyed the 'xchrom' program by Olaf Heimburger, which is an X11 Toolkit widget that did a fair job of mimicking Chromachron watches and clocks, which were invented by artist/architect Tian Harlan in the early 1970s.

Currently gchrom is available both as a GNOME panel applet ('gchrom_applet') and a standalone application ('gchrom'). It requires GNOME and GTK+ 2.0 to compile. Given a system with GTK+, it is quite likely that the standalone binary, once compiled, will run on computers that have the same architecture and operating system but do not actually have GNOME.

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